PCES RECOMMENDS – Sam Villa Corset Braid

PCES RECOMMENDS – Sam Villa Corset Braid

Sam Villa Corset Braid:

In this corset braid tutorial, Sam Villa simplifies the process used to create this intricate looking braid. Combining basic braiding techniques or plaits in new ways produces something more interesting and elegant.


We absolutely, without a doubt, freaking love braids. Like, if we could write an ode to them every morning, we would. And apparently we’re not alone in our feelings, because almost every week, we see some new variation on the good ol’ three-strand braid, like the zig-zag fishtail braid, the very intricate, very confusing mermaid braid, and now, the corset braid.

After models at Vancouver Fashion Week were seen walking at Lesley Hampton with sheer ribbon threaded through their braids, variations on the trend have resurfaced on social media. Because, as we’ve stated, everybody freaking loves braids. And though you’ve probably seen this type of style on your grade-school niece or, you know, in textbooks, the new corset braids are anything but juvenile, thanks to their leather ties, razor-thin ribbons, and precise, slicked-back braids.


Don’t be put off by the horribly uncomfortable name, though—these braids are nothing like the torturous waist-whittlers of the turn of the century. Instead, the laces are merely threaded through the braids as decoration, no pulling or suffocating required.

And yes, they’re actually insanely easy to do on yourself—well, the O.G. style is, at least. Just create two tight Dutch braids (which is when you cross the sections of the braid under, rather than over, to give the braid an inverted, popped-out look), and braid all the way to the very ends of your hair before securing with an elastic. Cut a thin strip of leather, lace, or ribbon (about double the length of your arm), and thread it through the first few inches of your braid, pulling it until it’s exactly halfway through. Then, like you’d lace up a shoe, cross the ends of the ribbon, thread the ends through the braids once more, re-cross the ribbon, thread it through the braids again, and on and on until you run out of ribbon. Tie the ends together or pin them in place.

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