About PCES

Professional Continuing Education Services, LLC. (PCES) is a prominent, and "more" informed Online Continuing Education Provider.


PCES is the Leader in Expert Instructor-Led On-Site Classes and Interactive Online Continuing Education Classes.

We make completing your onsite and online continuing education a breeze! The unique PCES experience stems from its founder and principal's many years of involvement within the education industry. This key insider knowledge ensures its users get the crucial industry information required to keep them informed, as well as up to date with board standards and initiatives. Our online platform is easily accessible, easy to use, and effective in providing training that is informative, interesting, and relevant.

Our focus is to advance our business model, based on a user-centered approach, in addition to creating customized products, utilizing the latest in technology

It is quite clear that the future and mission of PCES is continued Innovation. Become a part of the success and excitement, from anywhere! Be another happy customer, like these. Choose and trust PCES for your Onsite and Online Continuing Education needs.